5 Plumbing Tasks That Laser Plumbing Can Complete For Your School or Business During The Summer Break

Category: Save Water

With schools and many offices closing or running on skeleton staff over the festive season, it's the perfect time to start thinking about those plumbing issues you've been putting on the backburner. We have identified 5 key areas that schools or businesses often need addressing to avoid dreaded OH&S issues and save money from going down the drain.

1. Maintenance/Servicing of air conditioning units

Canberra summers almost guarantee scorching temperatures, which is why getting the right air conditioning units installed or serviced to ensure they're working as efficiently as possible is vital for a comfortable indoor environment. Whether it's your office, factory, school or business, finding a plumber with years of technical experience in installing air conditioners, repairing them properly and servicing them for longevity can be the difference between happy and productive employees or everyone being hot and bothered resulting in lost productivity.

If your air conditioning system doesn't seem to be cooling as efficiently as it should, is dripping or leaking through the ducts or simply if it's been quite a while since they were last serviced, it's time to call in an expert to get your system operating as well as possible. Laser Plumbing Queanbeyan has air conditioning service technicians who will address any refrigerant charging issues and make sure you are not putting your health and your staff's lives at risk by running an inefficient air conditioning system.

2. Installation and repairs of hot water systems

If you've had a year with escalating electricity bills, you may be looking for a commercial hot water system that reduces your total costs. Depending on hot water usage patterns, climate and location, installing a commercial solar hot water system can efficiently reduce a business or schools' water heating costs by between 50-90%, while reducing your carbon footprint too.

Finding a professional plumbing company that offers a range of hot water systems like electric storage, gas continuous flow and gas storage as well as the expertise to discuss your needs and find the best fit, will help you make an informed choice and leave no regrets for years to come.

Hot water servicing is something that should be completed regularly to ensure peak performance and add longevity to its lifespan. Laser Plumbing Queanbeyan are highly experienced in undertaking routine servicing as well as troubleshooting to ensure your business and school has running hot water all year round.

3. Unblocking the drainage system

There's little that can affect the morale of a school or office more negatively that blocked up drains, flooding of waste water and smelly floor waste!

Whether it's cause is something blocking the pipes inside the building, tree root impacting the underground pipes, or simply inadequate drainage for stormwater, problems with drainage systems are often ignored as something to worry about later... until something drastic happens and you're left with flood damage to deal with too.

While there are less people around the building or school, it's the perfect time to have your drainage system looked at. Laser Plumbing Queanbeyan utilises CCTV technology to get right down into the pipes and determine the cause of any issues and then provide expert guidance on how best to deal with it.

4. Preventative maintenance planning

If you experienced major plumbing issues during the year, you know the kind of inconvenience it can cause to running a school or business. It's so easy to get caught up in the day to day operations of your business that you forget to regularly get your plumbing maintained and checked.

To best avoid and reduce the impact of those emergency plumbing repairs that can be costly and extremely inconvenient, why not make a New Year's Resolution and schedule in a preventative plumbing maintenance discussion? Laser Plumbing Queanbeyan can discuss your situation and determine a schedule that is flexible and tailored to your business.

5. Repair of pipes

The majority of businesses use more water over the summer period and so higher water bills usually come as no surprise. However, it makes good business sense to have a professional plumber to come in and check if there are any leaks in your pipes. Other than unnecessarily expensive water bills, a leaky water line can damage buildings, foundations and landscaping if not attended to quickly.

Laser Plumbing Queanbeyan has the expertise to assist with testing the state of pipes underground, in walls and underneath concrete and driveways that may be cracked due to extreme weather conditions. Identifying pipes that need repair is one of the best things you can do to save your school and business of time and money down the track.

Want to minimise urgent plumbing jobs and repairs? Contact us at Laser Plumbing Queanbeyan to discuss which areas of your school or business you'd like us to check to ensure your pipes are in the best condition.