5 Reasons Why Strata & Property Managers Need A Strong Relationship With A Local Plumber

Category: Save Water

If you're a property or strata manager, you're used to wearing several hats at the same time. Managing a large property portfolio including commercial properties you're more than likely dealing with plumbing issues on a weekly if not daily basis. To take some pressure off, here are 5 reasons why strata and property managers benefit from having a strong relationship with a local plumber.

1 - Protect Your Reputation

Your number one priority is keeping your clients' happy which means being responsive, acting transparently and supporting their maintenance needs when they arise. Developing a relationship with a plumbing company who not only have the capability to service a large volume of call-outs on short notice but also understands that how they treat your clients directly reflects on you and your company is incredibly important. It's all about protecting your reputation when you decide to partner with a plumbing company.

A larger plumbing company where all plumbers are fully licensed, and insured will also ensure that it's personnel can get the job done well with minimum fuss and you have nothing to worry about. The right plumbing company will effectively communicate with all participants including the owner's corporation and the occupant, minimising time spent on the job and saving you hundreds in plumbing bills.

2 - Scheduled Maintenance Plans

Leaking taps, blocked toilets to broken hot water systems- all of these plumbing woes and more can have a damaging effect to your property and your business' bottom line if not attended to immediately. In fact, many emergency repairs are often caused by inadequate maintenance and forward planning. Rather than reacting to these plumbing issues when they arise many property and strata managers find having a scheduled maintenance plan is a far better solution. By preparing a Scheduled Maintenance Plan, a strata-manager can ensure that the building's plumbing system is working up to expectations and last-minute stress is avoided.

A Scheduled Maintenance Plan can also be a cost-effective approach as you know how much you are paying and when, helping your business to better manage cash flow. This also reduces the chances of higher than expected emergency plumbing invoices that can easily get landlords offside.

3 - Really Getting To Know The Property

Most buildings, regardless of age, tend to have their own plumbing quirks. When you partner with a plumbing company for ongoing maintenance, servicing and repairs, you allow them to really get to know the ins and outs of the property. Why does this matter? When a plumber gets to know a property they're in a much better position to foresee potential issues that may occur down the track, to keep an eye on small issues that don't have to be dealt with straight away and to give you the best possible advice based on an intimate knowledge of the plumbing system.

4 - Range Of Services

You should be looking for a well-informed plumber that understands all the complexities of the real estate industry and strata managed properties such as the legislation and compliance regulations. Ultimately, you're in safe hands if you can find a plumbing company that can provide an end-to-end service covering a range of plumbing solutions including:

  • Hot water service repair, installation and replacement
  • Blocked drains / waste or storm water drainage problems
  • Toilet repairs and maintenance
  • Heater repair and installation
  • Pump repairs and maintenance
  • Backflow prevention and thermostatic mixing valve repair and replacement
  • Gas repair and installation
  • Roof leaks, repairs and guttering
  • Leaking or faulty taps

5 - Minimise Disruptions

Property and strata managers need a plumbing company they can rely on to get the job done without the need for micro-managing. Happy occupants make life so much simpler, so using a plumbing company that has the flexibility to work around an occupant's day to day activities is a must. Larger plumbing companies have the systems in place to project manage plumbing work, ensuring good time management and minimal disruption when completing the job. This of course includes cleaning up and not leaving the site until the client is completely happy with the work. Offering a continuity of service, a larger plumbing company also means that 24/7 callouts are available and lots of plumbers can be deployed at once if there are significant disruptions to your property's plumbing, caused by extreme weather conditions like severe storms or sub-zero temperatures.

Whether you're an independent, boutique or franchise estate company, Laser Plumbing provides our clients with a tailored approach to meet your residential and commercial clients plumbing requirements.