5 Ways Laser Plumbing Can Help Your Business Avoid Plumbing Disasters

Category: Save Water

It's chaotic running a business even without plumbing problems! A crisis with your plumbing system can cause significant disruption to cash flow and business operations and is simply better to be prevented wherever possible. Here are 5 ways that Laser Plumbing can help your business avoid plumbing disasters.

1. Programmed Maintenance

No business wants to leak money and it makes sense to save financially wherever you can, especially with tight economic conditions. The best way to do this is by taking a proactive approach to maintenance for your plumbing rather than dealing with emergency after emergency. Getting a programmed maintenance schedule in place means that you can prevent major problems by scheduling various activities including servicing keeps your infrastructure in the best condition possible. A programmed maintenance schedule also means that your plumber gets to know your premises and its "quirks" and can better advise you on things that'll likely need attention so you can financially prepare.

2. Installations

You don't want your business to be missing out on the most up to date and innovative plumbing solutions. As with other industries, while technology is making things more efficient, it can often come with a steep upfront price tag. At Laser Plumbing we make sure our business clients get the latest plumbing solutions as we work closely with our key suppliers to ensure technologies are delivered at a competitive price. We particularly focus on energy efficient plumbing solutions as they not only reduce the carbon footprint of businesses but also deliver significant savings once implemented. No more disastrously high water bills- with Laser Plumbing you might even find yourself shedding hundreds off your business' annual water expenses.

3. Project Management

As a business owner you'll know that the best way to ensure an exceptional customer experience is by having processes in place to make sure nothing is overlooked. At Laser Plumbing, we have a strong focus on project management to ensure that each job meets the estimated time and budget outcomes, with an adaptive workforce to manage any change requests to the project if they arise. This focus also means disruption to your business is minimised as work is planned out to work your operational needs where possible.

4. Emergency Call Outs

When there is an obvious issue with your plumbing in your business, whether it's a gas leak, a broken pipe or a leaking hot water system you need a plumber who can be there to resolve it urgently. The last thing you want is to be waiting while your premises are damaged and the health and safety of your customers and staff is at risk! The simple solution is to always have on hand the number of a local plumber that does emergency call outs so that they can arrive on the same day that you make your booking to attend to emergency plumbing needs. Laser Plumbing has a team of trained professionals operating around the clock 24/7 including weekends and public holidays in the Queanbeyan and Canberra area. Our team is large enough that we can deploy several qualified people to you when necessary to get you back up and running asap.

5. Expert Advice

Boasting Canberra's largest fully trained and qualified team of plumbers, Laser Plumbing has a breadth of experience across a range of business types, providing customised solutions for plumbing, gas fittings, drainage, heating and cooling. Meeting all current OH&S regulations and undertaking quality assurance checks to ensure quality workmanship, Laser Plumbing's expertise and experience is the best defence against poor plumbing work that can cost your business thousands in the medium to long term.

Laser Plumbing has extensive experience in the delivery of corporate and government contracts across a range of plumbing and maintenance packages. We have licensed certified teams ready to allocate and robust systems of quality control to provide a service guarantee to clients. We're happy to service your business' plumbing, hot water, air conditioning and gas fitting needs and can be contacted on (02) 6171 6118 or online to receive a 15% discount on your booking.