Stop Putting Them Off - 7 Plumbing Tasks You Can Get Done To Start The Year Off Right.

Category: Save Water

Out of sight, out of mind can be one of the main reasons we procrastinate about getting those niggling plumbing tasks completed. So why not make it a New Year resolution, to tackle those seemingly minor plumbing issues and save a small fortune in the process.

1 - Drains Draining Slowly

A very common household problem is a sluggish bathroom drain, with hair and debris easily being collected over time, clogging up the drain. There are easy fixes for this such as using a plunger or by removing the sink pop-up nut. Once the nut is removed, the pop-up can be pulled out of the sink drain, cleaned and then reinstalled. Removing and cleaning out the S bend of build up is another simple solution if the issue is further down the pipe.

Tree roots are one of the biggest causes of blockages to drainage and sewerage pipe networks. Sometimes if the drains are draining slowly you may need to get a professional plumber to come in and run a CCTV in case of tree root incursion. If left untreated, tree roots can build subsidence and eventually require the replacement of pipes - a costly exercise. To be on the safe side, have a professional plumber come in and inspect so you know where you stand.

2 - Dripping Taps

Dripping taps in the bathroom, laundry or kitchen are usually viewed as nothing more than an annoyance, however over time, those leaks will translate into water bills that eat into your household budget. Even one leaking tap can result in hundreds of litres of water wastage. Make it a New Year's resolution to stop wasting money on leaking taps by getting a professional plumber in to repair or replace old taps and fittings.

3 - Leaking Toilets

Repairing all water leaks in a house makes good financial sense so while you're having any leaking taps checked out, be sure to get them to take a look at the toilet too. Even a small leak that's easily ignored can end up being a major cause of grief for homeowners as it can contribute to unnecessarily water charges, poor hygiene and also inflict significant damage to your home as a result of water seeping into the floor, walls and carpet. Get onto it straight away and call a professional plumber to check the toilet tank for any damage and install a new toilet if necessary.

4 - Air Conditioning Servicing

As temperatures continue to hit 40 degrees, there's now no more excuses for putting off having your air conditioners serviced. Like most things in life, air conditioning - both indoors and outdoors - is not given a second thought if the system comes on when we flick the switch. However refrigerant leaks, damage to the printed circuit board, or old filters to name a few culprits can all significantly reduce the effectiveness of your air conditioner and leave you sweltering in the extreme heat or paying more than you need to in electricity bills. Laser Plumbing Queanbeyan provides prompt and reliable air conditioning servicing which includes sending an expert technician to assess your cooling system, providing maintenance solutions so your system can run more efficiency and reducing your electricity bill, resulting in a MUCH more comfortable summer for you.

5 - Low Water Pressure

Have you turned on your kitchen taps to rinse dishes to find that water is only dribbling out? Or maybe you're sick of experiencing showers with a low flow rate? Low water pressure is a hassle that no homeowner wants to experience and when it does occur, it's worth seeing if the problem can be rectified. Only a professional plumber can troubleshoot and find out the root cause of your water pressure issues. It could be a hidden leak in your pipes or an older pipe that is longer than usual. While low pressure can't always be resolved, it's worth getting checked out.

6 - Water Hammering

Spending time in your home can be severely interrupted if there's a thumping sound when you suddenly turn off your tap. Water hammering as it is known, can cause significant pipe damage if not resolved. For some peace and quiet at your house, have a professional plumber come in this summer and solve your water hammering issues by installing an air chamber to prevent water from generating waves that travel through the pipes.

7 - Rising Damp/Smells/Stains

Rising damp, smells and stains destroy the comfort of your home and can trigger skin allergies, asthma and other health problems, not to mention potential damage to the structural integrity of your home. Whether it's mould on the walls or furniture, rotting window frames, paint that doesn't adhere to walls or damp/wet patches appearing on the walls or floors - a professional plumber should inspect your house to see if there is poor drainage that can be a major cause of the damp.

Get onto your list of plumbing issues and have a 2018 with minimal plumbing headaches. Contact Laser Plumbing Queanbeyan today if any of these 7 plumbing issues resonated with you.