Best Heating and Cooling Services Canberra

How Can We Help?

  1. We will send an expert technician to assess your heating or cooling system. On the same day if it is an emergency.

  2. If repair is possible we will get your existing system up and running as soon as we can.

  3. If your system cannot be repaired, we can offer you a suitable new system, some of the brands we install are shown below.

Canberra's extreme temperatures can leave you very uncomfortable if your system isn't working as it should. Laser Plumbing Queanbeyan can help you repair or choose the right new heating or cooling system for your space and requirements.

For all your gas heating, evaporative cooling and reverse cycle heating requirements, Laser Plumbing Queanbeyan can provide you with honest advice and reliable systems that will last for years to come.

Gas Wall Furnaces and Space Heaters

  • Better for the environment
  • Available in a large range to suit all space requirements
  • Cool to touch cabinets?

Gas Ducted Heating

  • High efficiency and performance, saving on your power bills
  • Provides instant warmth that won’t dry out your eyes and skin
  • Heats your whole home, delivering lovely warm air to every room in the house

Evaporative Coolers

  • Perfect for Canberra’s low humidity
  • Lower running costs than traditional air conditioners

Air Conditioning and Split Systems

  • Designed to heat and cool your home
  • Control the temperature of rooms at the touch of a button

Our experts will talk you through your decision, discover exactly what you need and offer you a system to match. Many of our systems are easier on the environment, for example, a gas ducted system is a greener alternative to an electric one, and can also be more economical.

You'll receive excellent advice and a huge choice, allowing you to make an informed decision, one you'll be happy with for many years.

Contact Laser Plumbing Queanbeyan for more information.