• Dealing with leaking, flooding and unpleasant odours?
  • Dread the idea of having to dig up your yard to fix it?
  • Been ignoring the problem for fear of the cost and work?
Laser Plumbing Queanbeyan's experienced team may be able to offer a low cost, long lasting, "no-dig" solution - PIPE RELINING

Before - pipes blocked with tree roots

After - cleared and relined

Why Choose Pipe Relining?

  • No excavation
  • Uses an epoxy liner
  • Epoxy applied to whole pipe or trouble spot
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Avoids major excavation
  • Epoxy creates a new, better pipe
  • Suitable for a range of pipe types
  • Smooth & joint free
  • Resistant to pressure and penetration
  • Recalcifaction deposits can't form
  • No damage or patching to your property
  • Minimal disruption
  • Drains remain open during repairs
  • Designed to last 50+ years

How Does It Work?

Pipe Relining In Action

Before - blocked pipes

During - after high pressure cleaning

After - Epoxy applied and cured

The client contacted us after he had a plumber clear his blocked toilet and found that the roots were under his slab and they had no way of repairing the drain without digging up his bathroom.

When we inspected the drain with the CCTV we found that it had been relined some years prior but due to incorrect installation or poor product quality, the repair had not worked. You can see by the photos that the tree roots were growing around the old patch.

The client was happy with the outcome as it saved him from having to excavate a hole in his bathroom and a great deal of money.